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Transactional and Litigation Business Law

Business Formation


One of the most important aspects of operating a business is to start one successfully and with the full protections of the law behind your company. As such, our firm specializes in business formation for all types of businesses, from sole proprietorships, partnerships,  LLC’s, and corporations. Our firm will be there every step of the way to help you navigate the complex legal issues every business has to deal with in California. From lease drafting, corporate agreements, and LLC agreements, all legal aspects of starting a successful business will be our goal for your company.

Business Dissolution


When it comes time to close your business, for any reason, you need to undertake the proper steps of business dissolution in California to avoid legal complications and ensure your interests are protected. While there are often costs involved in dissolving a business properly, closing a business without taking these steps can result in ongoing tax and other legal liability.


Therefore, before you dissolve your business, be sure to seek the advice and counsel of a business dissolution attorney so that you can make the necessary filings and other important legal steps to insure a smooth transition. For assistance in this area, please give us a call for a consultation.


Drafting Business contracts


It is always wise to have a professional either draft or examine a contract for your business, this will avoid costly litigation in the future. Contracts for even the smallest details in a business environment should not be overlooked, because they could have tremendous future implications for that business. Therefore, whatever your business contract needs are, know that our firm is here to help.


Breaches of contract


When the terms of a contract are unfulfilled by one or more parties a contract is said to be “breached” or the party is said to be in “non-performance.”  There are scenarios when the breach of a contract is obvious. However, there are times when this determination is more difficult to ascertain, such as the quality of work performed and whether it was timely.


In California, breach of contract leaves the non-performing or improperly performing party open to a claim for damages by the other party. The non-breaching party is relieved of their obligations under the contract by the other party’s breach. We are here to help you in this area of the law.





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